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The team at DREAM ACADEMY has a passion for making a difference in children’s lives.


Academic & Athletic Development in Botswana

Our Mission Statement

Guide the development of underprivileged student athletes and provide a conducive and stimulating environment to grow into determined independent learners.

DREAM ACADEMY is a not for profit 501(c)(3) organization and is the brainchild of Fikile and Kathy Khali, who each have a passion for making a difference in people’s lives.

Pioneered and introduced to the youth and the people of Botswana, the Dream Academy is a new and unique educational model to youth learning, community health, and economic development.

This unique model first emphasizes education and then supplements that education with soccer. The combination of academics and athletics encourages a forward way of thinking that develops elite-level student athletes in Botswana.


Dream Academy is an organization dedicated to developing, mentoring, and inspiring Botswana’s future leaders. Along with our partners, our goal is to develop human potential by providing organized youth sports within the structure of a quality education.

We believe education in partnership with athletics provides the perfect combination to stimulate the mind, body, and soul of our student athletes. This platform provides a foundation for nurturing and developing leadership in a variety of arenas. For Dream Academy to realize its goals, we have partnered and collaborated with various organizations and institutions. Together we have adopted Oodi Primary school and Oodima Community Secondary School (CJSS), which are local elementary and middle schools within the community of Oodi, Botswana. Dream Academy is in collaboration with both schools to offer students, faculty, and community residents innovative and educational opportunities to best prepare the students for tomorrow’s needs.

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