DREAM ACADEMY and its partners are dedicated to developing, mentoring, and inspiring future leaders in Botswana, Southern Africa.

We share a common goal and that is to develop human potential by providing quality education and infrastructure of organized youth sports to the underprivileged in order that the under-served communities may have the needed resources to provide services that enhance quality of life.
We believe and advocate that an education/athletics program is a perfect combination to stimulate the mind, body, and soul of our student athletes. Providing a foundation for nurturing and developing leadership in a variety of arenas is critical. It is a key ingredient in decreasing failing grades, improving poor attendances and dropout rates, creating a catalyst for economic growth, while providing a solid rock on which an enduring civilization rests.
DREAM ACADEMY’s education program seeks to provide services that affirm human dignity, as well as promote and enhance accountability and personal responsibility.

Contact us to see how you can become a part of something great. We serve underprivileged children in Botswana and are recruiting volunteers in the United States.