What We Do

What We Do

Dream Academy’s Mission: Together with our partners, our mission is to guide the development of the total student athlete and to provide a conducive and stimulating educational environment in which they can grow into independent, determined, and dedicated learners. Pioneered and introduced to the youth and people of Botswana, Dream Academy is working with local community and government agencies to create a new and unique educational model striving to improve the following:

Organizational Academic Goals Sporting Goals
  • Improve attendance in partner schools
  • Provide a rigorous learning environment
  • Improve standard of graduation classes from Primary Schools
  • Improve enrollment and retainment of students within Senior Secondary School education
  • Ensure partner schools consistently deliver superior results
  • Improve college matriculation rates
  • Ensure larger highly skilled, qualified candidates for future employment
  • Provide structured/Organized youth development programs
  • Develop technical, tactical soccer players
  • Improve elite player development environment
  • Provide pathways to further education or professional arenas
  • Increase local youth coaching numbers
  • Increase social aspect opportunities for youth
  • Improve exercise and nutritional education opportunities
  • Provide quality facilities for player development

Our management and leadership team believe that education in partnership with athletics is a perfect combination to stimulate the mind, body, and soul of our student athletes.  This platform will provide a catalyst to “Inspire a generation” and work to minimize some of the challenges the government agencies in Botswana often face, such as:

  • Teenage Pregnancy among Young Females
  • Participation in Risky Behavior (Risky Sexual Behavior)
  • Failing and Low Grades
  • Low Attendance and High Dropout Rates
  • Academic Programs

    One of the many differences that sets DREAM ACADEMY apart from other programs is our focus and determination to develop the total student athlete. We provide a rigorous academic atmosphere where student athletes can grow to become independent learners. We teach tolerance and empathy, while molding leaders in the global environment of the 21st century.
    Our academic programs strike a balance between academics and athletics, teaching time management, endurance, self-confidence, diligence, and commitment to strive for achievement in all arenas that help a student grow in mind, body, and spirit. We aspire to demonstrate the importance our students play in the future of Botswana.
    The program provides an environment for the student athletes to continue to fulfill their academic responsibilities while also participating in organized, structured youth development program provided by DREAM ACADEMY, our partners, and affiliates.

  • Athletic Programs

    DREAM ACADEMY is a grassroots and soccer development program, offering elite-level training for girls and boys with the desire, potential, and future aspirations to play collegiate soccer internationally in the United States or possibly professionally. The soccer program also provides appropriate levels for all players.
    Through our coaching and player development program, we aim to develop larger pools of technically, tactically aware, physically, and psychologically prepared players. We open doors to opportunities to represent Botswana at youth and full national team levels for both girls and boys, and in some cases, professional and collegiate careers.
    Our nonprofit organization provides infrastructure and a platform for youth player development in Botswana, developing pride, and bringing access to high level training through organized youth soccer in communities that usually may not have access. This is an opportunity to experience the sport from a whole-life perspective, subsequently creating a path and a vision for student athletes to understand that they too can contribute to Botswana’s greatness.

  • Botswana Career Development

    DREAM ACADEMY, a nonprofit educational organization, aims to provide a pathway for our student athletes through career and skill development. We provide these children with the knowledge and skills they need to achieve successful careers in the corporate world of Botswana. It is our vison to not only become pioneers and visionaries of organized youth sports, but also to become mentors of the complete student athlete. We accomplish this by instilling in the students that they alone could potentially fulfill their own dream of being a banker, a lawyer, a doctor, an entrepreneur or involved in a skilled trade.
    For players with potential of a professional career within the sport, DREAM ACADEMY aims to guide and mentor our student athletes through the process.

Contact us to get involved with our academic, sports, and career development programs. We serve underprivileged children in Botswana and are recruiting volunteers in the United States.